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See the Women Changing How We See the Future

This International Women’s Day, celebrate the women changing the future in your community.
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Kélicia Massala, Founder of Girl Up Québec

kelicia massala

As a gender equality advocate, Kélicia sees the power of young women making changes in the communities they care about. That’s why she founded Girl Up Québec, a United Nations Foundation organization that gives girls the leadership and advocacy skills to be leaders of tomorrow.

To her, it’s important to make more young women be seen and lead in underrepresented fields like tech and law, areas she’s passionate about pursuing herself.

Rita Audi, Gender and Education Equality Activist

rita audi

A gender and education equality activist, Rita is focused on supporting marginalized communities. She co-founded Period Pop-Ups, a local community project offering pop-up pantries with free menstrual products to address period poverty. Her dedication to a future of education equality started with Canada’s Refugee Education Council where she advocated for education solutions shaped by refugees’ experiences.

Now, the 22-year-old works to reduce the gender gap in schools as a Transform Education representative with the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI).

Naila Moloo, Climate Tech Researcher

naila moloo

From flexible solar panels to plant-based plastics, Nalia is researching and building solutions for the future — one invention at a time.

As a young leader, she wanted other teens to feel like they can make an impact on the future. That’s why she co-created The Curiosity Podcast, where she interviews renowned inventors in STEM, knowing their experiences help equip and inspire future generations.

Autumn Peltier, Indigenous Rights & Water Activist

autumn peltier

Raised in traditional Indigenous values, Autumn sees water as a living being, something sacred to respect. When she witnessed how Indigenous communities didn’t have clean drinking water, she dedicated herself to protecting the water.

Since the age of 12, she’s spoken out to world leaders like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the UN General Assembly and at the World Economic Forum, bringing global attention to the water issues in Canada. A runner-up for the 2022 International Children’s Peace Prize, she inspires young women around the world to take action.

Fae Johnstone, 2SLGBTQIA+ Advocate

fae johnstone

A member of YWCA Canada’s Board of Directors, Fae is a leading voice in the conversation around Canada’s 2SLGBTQIA+ issues, advocating for transgender rights and banning conversion practices. In 2019, she received the LGBT Youth Line’s Trans Activism award.

Dedicated to making the 2SLGBTQIA+ community seen and heard, she leads Wisdom2Action Consulting Ltd., a social enterprise and consulting firm offering ways for nonprofits and organizations to build more inclusive, just, healthy, and safe communities.

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