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If you bake with HERSHEY’S CHIPITS Baking Chips, you bake with love. But have you tried them all? From semi-sweet to butterscotch to sea salt caramel, discover new ways to make memories with these mouthwatering morsels!

Experience the power of baking.

Baking has power far beyond what many of us think. Explore what the power of baking means to real bakers across Canada.

Baking to remember

See how baking with her daughter helped Madge reconnect with an important part of herself.

Baking To Learn

See how baking in Mandarin helped Michael grow his relationship with his mother.

Baking To Empower

See how baking with her sister helped Joanie feel empowered to live a more independent life.

Unicorn next to a package of Chipits Chips

HERSHEY’S CHIPITS Unicorn Swirl Chips

Bake a little magic in the kitchen with these limited edition pink and yellow swirled creme chips.
Summer food items sitting on a wooden tray

Shake Up Summertime

This easy, cool treat has an even cooler crunch when you mix in HERSHEY’S CHIPITS COOKIES ‘N’ CREME Chips.
Gluten Free Brownies on a Plate

Gluten Free Baking Recipes

HERSHEY’S CHIPITS Baking Chips are gluten free, and we’ve got plenty of delicious desserts to inspire you in the kitchen!